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Alhumdulillah it feels great to be able to recite Allah swt’s kalaam in a better way. ❤❤❤
All thanks to Allah swt for blessing us with this oppurtunity. JazakAllahu khairan kaseera wa ahsanul jazaa for preparing this course perfectly and for your dedication. May Allah swt  reward you all immensely.❤?❤?❤?And special thanks to our dear Group admin. She has helped me a lot all throughout the course. She has heard our recitation very closely and pointed out our mistakes and helped us in improving our recitation. She has been so punctual and kept on motivating us week by week to send our recitations weekly and on time. Alhumdulillah I feel truly blessed to be a part of this family.
Would love to go to the next step of this journey.

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