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Tahfeez ul Quran Course 2017 – MONITORED COURSE

A 2.5 years Tahfeez ul Quran – Quran Memorization Program with online lessons and live sessions and online quizzes.


إن الله يرفع بهذا الكتاب أقوامًا ويضع به آخرين‏

Verily, Allah elevates some people with this Qur’an and abases others.

 [Muslim, Book 9, Hadith 6]

Quran is a guide from Allah SWT for the whole mankind. It is the speech of Allah SWT, the Mighty Majectic Creator. How fortunate and prestigious it is that we are able to read with our tongues the words of Allah SWT.With the knowledge of Quran alone this lowly and unmentionable human can rise high up to the Lord of The Universe, SubhanAllah. The Prophet Muhammed SAW and his companions used to finish 1/7 of the Quran daily. But how ? Because they memorized it, and read it so much that they were fluent in it. Indeed we yearn to be with them on the day of judgement and in Paradise, so why not follow them in every aspect. So let us begin our Memorization of the Glorious Quran and please Allah SWT and work for the companionship of the Prophets and the pious ones !

Course Requisites:

  • Know the basic tajweed and makharij
  • Able to give 1 hour daily thoroughly for Memorization
  • Highly energized and passionate to learn the Quran

Course Material:

  • The Madinah Mushaf commonly called The Green Quran. Have a look here or download from your app store.
  • A note book having 700 pages atleast [the double sides of a paper are included in count]
  • A pen [preferably calligraphy pen]
  • A heart ready to jump start the journey 🙂

Course Curriculum:

  • Quran Al Kareem

Course Duration:

2.5 years approximately. Depends on the effective carry out of students as well.

Course Pattern:

  • Students will be given lesson daily for 5 days a week.
  • Daily students will memorize and submit their recitation by heart to the Instructor on the whatsapp group provided.
  • Students are supposed to complete there all week quizzes and assignment if any by the end of week.
  • Your weekends will be your Revision Treats.
  • Every month the students shall be assessed by the Instructor live for the portion memorized in that month.
  • Absence more than 3 days will remove the participant except genuine reasons and that the student completes the pending work.
  • Follow the rules given in the group.

The more you are strict and discipline on you the faster and accurate you achieve your target.

Be prepared for a beautiful and relaxing Quran Journey, indeed The hearts find peace in only the Remembrance of Allah SWT. Jzk khairan Katheeraa.

Course Curriculum

Week 1 [Oct 22 – Oct 27] Pg 599-604 Details 00:15:00
TQ-Quiz 1-Week 1 00:00:00
Week 2 [30 Oct – 3 Nov] Pg 593-598 Details 00:15:00
TQ-Quiz 2-Week 2 00:10:00
Week 3 [6 Nov – 10 Nov] Pg 589-593 Details 00:00:00
TQ-Quiz 3-Week 3 00:10:00
Week 4 [13 Nov – 17 Nov] Pg 583-488 Details 00:00:00
TQ-Quiz 4-Week 4 00:10:00
Week 5 [20 Nov – 24 Nov] Pg 579-583 Details 00:00:00
Week 6 [27 Nov – 1 Dec] Pg 574-578 Details 00:00:00
Week 7 [4 Dec – 8 Dec] Pg 569-573 Details 00:00:00
Week 8 [11 Dec – 15 Dec] Pg 564-568 Details 00:00:00
Week 9 [18 Dec – 22 Dec] Pg 559-563 Details 00:00:00
Week 10 [25 Dec – 29 Dec] Pg 554-558 Details 00:00:00

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