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We got energy, enthusiasm and motivation every time after the assessmnts. Getting so much valuable tips Alhamdulillah and in shaa …

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Samia Azeem Singapore

Jzk khairan katheera dear sister Aisha your efforts have been marvellous ma shaa Allah throughout our course not just as …

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Humaira Ishaq Hyderabad, India

Jazak Allahu khairan katheera for being such a good teacher … I used to wonder how u can point to …

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Afsar Fatima Jeddah,KSA

Had a great experience in this group..I learned tajweed never before…. all the admins are very good, great effort….thanks to …

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Ambreen Pakistan

Dear sisters who helped us to utilize time in learning Quran in right manner that is Tajweed we are very …

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Shabreen Group A

سب سے پہلے اللہ کا شکر جس نے مجھے یہ موقع دیا تجوید پڑھنے کا۔ میری تلاوت اب بہت بہتر …

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Farzana Parveen India

Alhamdulillah ma sha Allah very organised and effective strategies. If it’s possible, More tests can make students work harder In …

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Urdu Beginner Course Student 0

Undoubtedly this course has improved my reading of Quran fm a person who would fear reading Quran/para in a gathering …

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Saadia Naz U.S.A

Indeed this advanced tajweed course has helped me in improving my Qur’anic recitation immensely and has transformed me from a …

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Afshan Nasreen 0

Alhumdulillah it feels great to be able to recite Allah swt’s kalaam in a better way. ❤❤❤ All thanks to …

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A Beginner's Course Student 0

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