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Advance Course Student 2016 Nov

Undoubtedly this course has improved my reading of Quran fm a person who would fear reading Quran/para in a gathering coz of slowest speed n not at all proper eloquence to now a person who not only feel confident in reciting it but if someone asks for a word, is willing to tell how to pronounce Alhamdolilah. ??All was made possible by the tireless n friendly efforts of our dear teachers and Islah Admins.  Had it not been aap kind Islah aap did each week and encouragement aap showed even when I felt I won’t ever improve, I won’t b here today, though still I have to accomplish it more. May Almighty Allah reward aap all and keep us steadfast in learning more n more n improving day by day In Shaa Allah?????

Saadia Naz U.S.A

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