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Beginners Level Tajweed Live Course 2018

ورتل القران ترتیلا
And recite the Quran slow and clear.

A Course for those who desire the Rightful Recital.


This course is designed for you if you want to achieve the following targets;

  • 1. Learn Basic Tajweed in order to Recite As Quran Was Revealed
  • 2. Practice & Apply the rules
  • 3. Have your corrections and interactions live with your teacher

*Pure intention for Allah SWT & Ready to work hard.

*Have Internet connection strong.

Live Session Students complete in 9 months.

 *Mushaf of Quran Al Kareem. We prefer Madinah Mushaf, the green Quran.

*We will provide will all the learning material in sha Allah.

*You have to have a separate folder and notebook to create your learning Journey.


* Attend Weekly live session.
* Be Active in the Whatsapp Group
* Practice thoroughly the lesson & Recitation given every week
* Complete the homeworks given
* Complete the units and quizzes



Live Session Students: Paid and students taken privately

Course Curriculum

MARCH 2018
Week 1
Welcome & Introductory Lesson 00:25:00
Week 2
Definition & Importance of Tajweed, Important Terms 00:00:00
Recitation Practice – Huroof with Harakaat 00:05:00
Quiz 2 00:10:00
Week 3
Lahn, Al Isti’aadhah, Al Basmalah 00:20:00
Recitation Practice – Al Isti’aadhah & Basmalah 00:00:00
Quiz 3 00:10:00
APRIL 2018
Week 4
Levels of Recitation & Makharij Introduction 00:44:00
Recitation Practice – Huroof ul Hijaiyyah/Tahajji 00:00:00
Quiz 4 00:10:00
Week 5
Makharij – Al Jauf 00:21:00
Recitation Practice – Surah Al Fatiha 00:06:00
Quiz 5 00:10:00

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  • 38 Weeks

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